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We’ll run head-to-head with any competitor system on your site to prove that our system, The CPS Rover VacPac & CPS XACT System of tooling will double production on your jobsite.

Our newest innovation, The CPS Rover VacPac, an all-in-one platform for wet or dry grinding. With on-board HEPA-filtration dry vac & 17-gallon gravity-feed & misting system, this machine is completely free of cords & hoses. Versatile enough for large or smaller spaces, the CPS Rover with VacPac can garner up to 2x the production by reducing fatigue & lowering labor on each job. Put your crews to work on multiple jobs instead of managing cords & hoses with the CPS Rover VacPac. 

Backed by years of experience in the field.

From our dialed-in wet and dry tooling to our Made in the USA Equipment, we're dedicated to helping you succeed. 

We build lifelong relationships. And with 24/7 world-class, superior support, no one is there for contractors like CPS. 

Our company was founded by contractors. We know how to save you time & earn you  more on each job.

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To build and maintain lifelong relationships with our clients through our commitment and dedication to provide superior support 24/7, through our knowledge of the craft of polished concrete, the quality of products we provide and cost saving solutions learned from years of experience.

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